See the effects of extensive experience with InterCasino

The second that netbook users happen upon the InterCasino website, they can tell that this is a site reared by experience. There are several factors that may lead players to this conclusion and they indicate that InterCasino is a great online casino for use with a netbook.

There are two version of InterCasino available: a downloadable version and a no download, instant play version. I would recommend the no download casino version to netbookers for the sake of accessibility and freeing up memory use. This instant play version of InterCasino is much less taxing on a netbooks computing ability.

There are some differences in the software that must be mentioned. The downloadable casino has a very cool interface whereas the instant play version launches straight from the website. Unfortunately, the instant play version doesn’t allow players to play for fun, while the downloadable version does. On the other hand, this is such a cool UK casino sites with high quality games that players don’t need to try it out to know that it’s great. Go to the InterCasino website and see for yourself!

InterCasino has amassed quite an arsenal of games over its long history. At this point the no download version of the casino contains over 150 instant play games. That’s quite a variety and includes twelve progressive jackpot slots which can make players rich instantly.

What’s most accentuated at this site is its care for members. They regularly run promotions and their customer service is top notch. After reviewing member proposals and feedback, InterCasino has decided to give their site a complete makeover and new look as of February 24th of this year. They also claim that they will release a promotion that will be a first for the entire online gambling industry. Go to the InterCasino website to find out more.

Part of the secret behind InterCasino’s success is the high quality software, CryptoLogic, that it runs on. See CryptoLogic casino software page for more information on the platform. Everything else has been taken care of through experience and member feedback. Netbook users can get an amazing 100% up to $225 first deposit bonus for use on slots when they sign up. A slightly smaller bonus applies to table games.

Support issues are automatically taken care of for players at InterCasino. For example, my account was running low (read: downright empty) and all the sudden a screen popped up that guided me right through payment with ease. This online casino is also very stable. Games took no time at all loading and I couldn’t sense any delay in the software. InterCasino proves very desirable for players that use netbooks.